How to perform advanced card tricks

Learning and mastering the art of performing expert level card tricks requires a lot of training and expertise. One simply cannot perform such intricate card tricks without any prior experience in this area. Tutorial for advanced card tricks is very easily available on web, and all you have to do is choosing the right one.

The methods and techniques discussed here are not only methodical but also systematic and logical. In short, they provide any avid reader and interpreter with ample opportunity to grow as a magician better himself as a trickster whose specialisation is in card tricks.

Have a wholesome grip

It is to be kept in mind under all circumstances that these tricks are not easy at all. It is absolutely mandatory for a person to have a thorough and wholesome grip on the deck of cards he or she is using, over his hands and his fingers, and most importantly, he must have an unflinching control on the minds of the spectators whom he wishes to fool in the course of his magic tricks. Cards are small and thin instruments, but they provide any potential magician with such a huge window of opportunity that the magician can exploit and use that to gain great heights of fame and splendour.

How difficult are these tricks?

It is needless to reiterate the fact that the tutorial for advanced card tricks is no easy job.  There are many reasons why this is so.

First of all, the control over the distribution and redistribution of cards while dealing out the deck is of paramount importance. Impeccable control over the aforementioned couple of things comes only with years of practice and dedication. Like any other art, this too is one where the artist gets better with time. For instance, one cannot learn to cook a three course meal before one learns how to boil and fry food separately, together, and in any proportion between these two conditions as and when the food item demands it. Similarly, one is expected to have knowledge of tricks like forcing a card onto the audience’s hands or what is officially called a double lift.

Now, what is important here is that one must start the practice as soon as one feels confident enough to know that the relatively easy ones, or what is otherwise known as beginner’s tricks have become a regular meal to him. The use of a mirror, in this case, proves to be rather helpful. It is so because, one gets to judge and decide the precision with which the execution of any card magic is carried out, without the need for an external audience. Now, if one performs these tricks in front of an audience without getting enough practice in front of the mirror, he is bound to make mistakes.

Therefore, it is better to make mistakes while no one but yourself is watching, than to make them in front of an audience that has paid to be fooled. Just because they have paid, does not necessarily mean that they have it in them to be fooled easily. To master the art, practice the tricks mentioned in the Tutorials for advanced card tricks! every day.