Say Cheese! For Now, and the Future

One of the best gifts you can get a new grandparent is a smart phone so they can send and receive texts and keep up with the latest news on the growth and development of their precious little one.  Especially if they live far away from each other.   People today express a lot of regret that they have no records, manuscripts, letters, or photos of their ancestors to look back on.  This is especially true for those who once had treasured photos or albums that were lost or damaged after being in the family for decades.  That’s why it’s hard to underestimate the value of a phone that can capture the image, voice and movement of family members today.

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As much as grandparents love to receive photos of their children and grandchildren, it is just as important to build up a database of ancestors and relatives for that child to have in the future.  Think of the emotions old black and white photos evoke when you look at them.  You wonder where it was taken?  Whose house was this?Is that grandpa when he was young, how old was he?  When you do take photos of the baby, remember to take photos for the baby as well.   Even better, use a Groupon to buy an outfit for a photo shoot that includes as many family members as possible.  Talk to the people at Babies”R”Us about the clothes and accessories that will help illustrate the story you want the photos to tell.  They will help you pick the best outfit, toys, games and books from their wide selection of merchandise to tell a timeless tale, and remember to get a few with the logo in them as well.  This helps to document the time and place the photo was taken, and speaks to what was going on in the world at that time in your child’s life.  Photos are like time capsules, there’s a lot of info in them that can be unpacked years later.  And if your buy them today, you can save 20% to 40% off select merchandise, and easily qualify for free shipping.

Setting up a photo session might seem like a trivial thing.  But 50 years into the future, as that baby welcomes its own grandchildren into the world, it will serve as a vital reminder that babies really are us.