Selling a real Prada wallet

Prada wallets are one of the best investments you can make in your life! In addition to the fact that they are really beautiful and luxurious, they sometimes go on sale! Haute couture designers rarely have sales, but we spend a lot of time looking for the sale of a Prada wallet, and now we know they exist! What does this mean for you? Well, that means if you had doubts about Prada due to the high price, you don’t need to worry about it anymore! Or you may want to give it to someone you love, but you have also pledged to spend so much money.

Now, before connecting and starting to look for the perfect Prada wallet, we must warn you about fakes and replicas. Making a fake designer wallet is not very difficult, so the number of fakes is millions. Fortunately, when you discover what to look for, you will not forget them and you can determine if you are looking for a fake or genuine prada wallet singapore.

real Prada wallet

 So, this is what you should look for when shopping:

  • Look inside the wallet and make sure it says “PRADA MADE IN SINGAPORE “.
  • Look at the “R” in the name of Prada on the emblem, because R bends in all true Pradas. If the right leg in R is straight, then it is false.
  • Make sure that the name of Prada is printed on the inner lining; either of leather or fabric, and that the word Prada runs horizontally, not vertically.