World Of Tanks Premium Account: Why Do You Need It?

A premium account in World of Tanks is a great option for players that don’t wish to waste their time on upgrading tanks, diving straight into an unforgettable atmosphere of premium-class war machines combat instead. You can find out more about the World of Tanks premium account cost and purchase it right away in the catalog:

World Of Tanks Premium Account

What Is Premium Account All About?

World of Tanks is a free-to-play game where everyone interested can register to play free of charge. Although, players can get various additional things and services for an additional payment. Any player can buy a premium account, for instance, which is a perfect choice for those who have neither time nor desire to upgrade their tanks manually. Such an account doesn’t give you any advantage over opponents in battle and doesn’t affect your character’s preciseness, as well as mobility, and durability. Rest assured that the game balance will stay unchanged.

World Of Tanks Premium Account

What Does A WoT Player Get?

A premium account provides the following features and privileges:

  • unlock premium tanks & earn more credits & experience in every battle. The main advantage of a premium account is fast, convenient tank upgrading. After every other battle, players get an increased amount of gold and silver. They spend less time to achieve the maximum level of tech and upgrade of all modules. This affects your win rates, as a majority of tanks are much weaker with the starter rather than full set.
  • get a clean, spacious hangar. Another benefit is a neat-looking, roomy hangar. Users playing World of Tanks for hours on end will definitely be glad to get such a bonus.
  • connect to the European server (optionally, depending on a certain article). The main plus of such servers is a wider Internet-connection channel, which eliminates extensive delays and game crashes, and an opportunity to play with people globally.

Who Really Needs A Premium Account?

Do you consider yourself a real fan of tanks or simply wish to get the most out of the gameplay? Then you will most definitely make good use of premium privileges that allow you to take on the world of online tank battles in full armor, with a powerful machine. World of Tanks premium accounts will also come in handy for players that don’t have free time to advance levels through the game single-handedly.